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His dead body is found in the prison laundry room, and the warden orders a lockdown to punish the prisoners.The prisoners suffer isolation in their cells while Graffiti continues to rape Dre.Avery, who was on his way to see Dre after his girlfriend asked him to look after him, despite Malachi's warnings not get involved, jumps in to protect Dre and starts pummeling Graffiti.

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Cashmere pulls out the gun in anger, but is shot in the shoulder and knocked down.In the chaos, during which a number of COs and prisoners are killed, Cashmere attacks Avery with a shank and they get into a mortal combat.Cashmere is about to kill his former friend when he has a change of heart and wavers.Avery is grateful to Malachi and the old prisoner leaves Avery a parting gift - a copy of Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man with a shank hidden inside.Avery soon gets a new young cellmate who he tries to mentor just as Malachi mentored him.

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