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As for the motivations of the potential wives, the report’s authors sagely conclude, “We cannot know what is in a woman’s mind.” In response to their being three murders of foreign brides in their country between 19, the US government introduced the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act [IMBRA] in 2005 which, in part, enforced disclosure of criminal or violent history in the wife-hunters. Most of all, we believe in love.” After dropping into the agency office to sign a document permitting the agency to check my name against a collection of registers for IMBRA purposes, Juan delivers me to the apartment in which I’ll be spending the next three nights. Every time she calls I tell her I don’t speak Spanish, at which point her shouting takes on a sarcastic, hectoring quality. They’re like Shakespearian witches, wailing bad portent. Via his translation, I discover that Yvonne is a private detective who follows men whose partners suspect them of adultery. The monotony is only broken by the day’s final candidate, who arrives, blushing and grinning, direct from the lunatic asylum. This has enabled him to devote his life to his international hunt for a romantic companion. The husbands, meanwhile, are furious about the legislation; campaigners insist it “creates a legal presumption that American men are abusers and foreign women are stupid… As I’m ironing my trousers in preparation for my first date, the phone keeps ringing. I find my first potential wife in the backseat of Juan’s car. She takes videos of their indiscretions and charges by the hour. She works there, she tells us, testing psychiatric medication on schizophrenics and people with “narcotic psychosis”. He lived in the basement of his parents house, had red hair and a high pitched voice and said God told him to come to Colombia to find a wife. Dante has paid the agency for a two month tour and he tells me he’s planning on living in Medellin for the rest of the year. The island is off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia and the film begins by following one man’s journey from his flight to the island, explaining that airport transfers and boat transfers are included in the price.The man then boards a yacht where thong-bikini-clad woman dance and gyrate around him.She works in a government call centre and enjoys cycling and pop music. Like Yvonne, she doesn’t approve of Colombian men because they consider it normal to have seven girlfriends. She’s attractive, in a thin white cotton top and light blue jeans. She lives with her parents and her father owns a car park. But that’s not the thing that’s most remarkable about Laura. “I was given some good advice before I came here,” he tells me sternly over the dinner table. When I notice how much time she’s evidently spent on her make-up and hair I’m nipped by guilt. When I ask why she wants a Western husband, she says, “Because the men in Medellin think it’s permissible to have seven boyfriends.” After dinner, Juan shows us the view from the top of Pueblito Paisa. What I’ll never forget about Laura is her appearance. At the end of his tour, he took me to dinner and said to me, ‘I have finally found you.

The Good Girls Company website offers more details about the trip which runs from 24th to 27th November.From the US, from Britain and Europe and Australia they come, to socialise with women they’ve preselected from an online catalogue in the hope it’ll all end in… They also indicate that brokered marriages are more robust than those in which the participants are more traditionally sourced, having an 80 percent success rate compared to an average UK rate of just over 50 percent. I imagined someone whose flirtatiousness would be hostile and come with, stabby, diamante fingernails. Juan, who’s still in his ‘NASA ROCKET SCIENTIST’ T-shirt, sits opposite, watching us eat our ‘parilla’ - grilled chicken, baked potato and plantain boiled in sugar water served on a wooden board. He came round my house.’” “Does anyone ever find love? Green chinos cover his plump buttocks; a denim shirt and a white vest hug his figure-of-eight torso. He owns a website that churns away by itself on a distant server, regularly dropping cash into his bank account. We’re joined, tonight, by a smiley trainee chef, a haltingly under-dressed shirt-maker and a lawyer who works for the Colombian government prosecuting paramilitaries. “We have women.” We’re driving up a winding, vegetation-lined road that leads up a mountain, the other side of which, simmering under the South American sun in a vast natural amphitheatre, lies the city Juan's employers refer to simply as "paradise". Juan turns to met with an expression of deep seriousness and announces, “I like that.” Today, the ‘International Marriage Broker’ [IMB] business is seen as an adjunct to the bn a year online dating industry. “You can’t expect to fall in love over one weekend.Ask the Lady if she likes some of your hobbies, for example, 'Do you like to go out to eat dinner? She’s 28, shy and has fingers weighed down by silver rings. She still lives with her parents and has two children of her own, one ten, the other eight months.

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