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In gnostic traditions, the Demiurge is depicted as a lion-faced figure ("leontoeides").

The gnostic concept of the Demiurge is usually that of a malevolent, petty creator of the physical realm, a false deity responsible for human misery and the gross matter than traps the spiritual essence of the soul, and thus an "animal-like" nature.

In the Assyrian account of the Deluge, Nergal is alluded to as the destroyer, but he was chiefly celebrated for his power over the chase and the battle-field, thus partaking of the character and attributes of Bel-Nimrod...

The chief seats of Nergal's worship were the ancient cities of Cutha and Tarbissa.

ALL MAJOR MAINSTREAM RELIGIONS WERE GIVEN TO HUMANITY BY PRINCES OF THE ELITE ROYAL FAMILIES OR NOBILITY. Burkes-Peerage says the Queen of England is descended from Muhammad and the royal family also believes they are descended from Jesus, who as the messiah would have been expected to come from the line of King David.

They had their Samaritan Temple on Mount Gerizim, opposite the Temple in Jerusalem, and they worshipped the Mesopotamian deity Nergal..." Also according to Wikipedia, "Narasimha ("man-lion") (also spelt as Narasingh, Narasinga) is described as an incarnation (Avatara) of Vishnu within the Puranic texts of Hinduism and is worshiped as "Lion God" thus Indian or Asiatic lions which were commonly found throughout most of India in ancient times are considered sacred by all Hindus in India...

I believe it is based on the frequency or spiritual level of the person, not on the religion they belong to or religious teachings they follow.

There are truths to be found in all religions and also some untruths since man was used as a filter.

And there is a lot of truth to be found in the wisdom of many mystic traditions such as Gnosticism, Manichaenism, Kabbalism, Sufism, Jainism, etc.

Before looking at each of the major religions I would like to point out that all of them were created or influenced by a group known as the Shepherd Kings or Royal Shepherds, some researchers also claim them to be Serpent Kings. The Encyclopedia Britannica says Cuthah was an "ancient city of Mesopotamia located north of the site of Kish in what is now south-central Iraq.

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