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The books of Moses were written several hundred years after his time, when the Hebrew people were held in captivity in Babylon.During that time, the Chief Rabbis faced a great challenge of keeping up the moral of their people.I've found the books by Ralph Ellis he wrote about Egypt to be very illuminating. There are certainly some very educated readers on this website!I just want to point out the famous maxim: History is written by the victors.

It would be like England putting up huge memorials to the Colonies' victory and subsequent creation of the US of A, or the South erecting statues of Union Generals from the war that is still referred, to this day, as the War of Northern Aggression.Then this wise seer Amenophis was seized with a fear that he would draw down the wrath of the gods on himself and the king if the violence done to these men were detected; and he added a prediction that the polluted people would find certain allies who would become masters of Egypt for thirteen years.He did not venture to tell this himself to the king, but left a complete statement in writing, and then put an end to himself.All one has to do is look at the vast amount of effort expended over the centuries to wipe out the memories of past pharaohs whose reigns were somehow offensive to the current House in power.Statues destroyed, inscriptions wiped out, complete temples destroyed.

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