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Integration of the newly annexed lands enabled Bolesław to build churches and began the process of converting Pomerania.

Bishop Otto of Bamberg confirmed the Christianization of Pomerania from 1123 onward.

Władysław I Herman fell under the political dependence of the Count palatine Sieciech, who became the real ruler of the country.The crime against Zbigniew and his penance for it show Bolesław’s great ambition as well as his ability to find political compromise.Therefore, that same year Władysław I was forced to recall from Hungarian banishment the only son of Bolesław II the Bold and a rightful heir to the Polish throne, Mieszko Bolesławowic.Backed by their father, Boleslaw and his half-brother Zbigniew finally expelled Sieciech from the country in 1101, after several years of fighting.After the death of Władysław I Herman in 1102, two independent states were created ruled by Bolesław and Zbigniew.

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