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For years now, a shift has been occurring in the adult novelty and sexual product market.Manufacturers and sellers have seen and in many cases met the demand for higher end products that pamper consumers and are particularly attractive to women and couples.Aimed at a younger post-AIDS generation of teenagers, among whom HIV infections are still not decreasing, the campaign aims to show that safe sex is fun and that condoms are not a barrier to freedom.“It’s cleverly produced by one of the world’s fastest growing young animation houses and we’ve worked hard to ensure that it’s clickable and shareable, while getting the message across,” said Georgia Arnold, SVP of social responsibility at MTV International and executive director of MTV Staying Alive Foundation.The obvious solution is to only use nontoxic materials when manufacturing sexual products.

Such campaigns/initiatives include: Draw the Line and Cover Me.

Cover Me The Association has provided students with condoms for many years now.

Through this initiative we will continue to provide safer sex kits and promote safer sex and sexual health awareness to students.

Chemicals can adversely affect our health even at low doses and health risks to consumers are something all ethical businesses must address.

In addition, the need for safety seal packaging by sex toy manufacturers to prevent the resale of used sex toys is imperative for the prevention of STDs and other health risks.

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