Single page applications in mvc 4

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NET MVC(Real World) Single Page Application(Within 2 Minutes) after using my toufiq Elahy SPA.js[Jquery Plugin] FLw ASP.

Single Page Applications are getting more and more attractive nowadays for two basic reasons.

Here are some notes and screenshots from what peaked my interest: Minute 15: MVC has packages and helpers for Angular and React, more coming Angular JS routing helper method from the Nuget package validation too, the Web Api usage and integration is what I'm interested in min 28: Razor @Html.

Prime Cache( Future of "Single Page Application" : ASP.

I have also created an Error table just to show you how to avoid polluting you code with Try, Catch blocks and have a centralized logging point in your application.

This will make sure dependencies will be injected in constructors as expected.

Each customer rents a stock item and when he/she does, this stock item becomes unavailable until he/she returns it back to store.

Upon them we ‘ll build the custom membership mechanism.There are two different designs we need to provide here.The first one has to do with the entire project’s solution structure and how is this divided in independent components.Each of those libraries solves a specific requirement and it was carefully picked.Before providing you some basic information for most of them, let me point out something important. When searching for a specific component you may find several implementations for it out on the internet.

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