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Strangers Things stars Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer finally put romance rumors to rest by stepping out together and making their red carpet debut as a couple at the British Fashion Awards 2017 on Monday.The adorable pair, who have frequently ignited talk of romance, glammed up for the glitzy event at London’s famous Royal Albert Hall.Through happy tears — and raining rose petals — she said yes, marking another success in the cameras stopped rolling: Jade and Tanner Tolbert (married and with a child) and Carly and Evan Bass (who married earlier in the season and are now expecting).Beyond the spinoff, other franchise shows have not had the most successful results in the post-TV match-making game.Yesterday, they took the next big step in Hollywood couples: Making a joint red-carpet appearance.In the closed environments of TV and film sets, fast-forming intimacies have long been known to develop. It’s just that vibe and that experience of being with other people. Is it easier to find love on certain franchise shows over others? There's this sensational appetite for all things relationship because we know how hard it is. Adam Gottschalk: With , there's so much fluidity with people that if something doesn't work, you can figure it out with someone else. Look at all the range of emotions we ran through tonight. At first, my gut feeling was that I really didn't want to do it. Anything can come of it and we'll see where it goes. Adam and Raven, would you be open to a couple spinoff show like ?

Despite the Bachelorettes faring better than their male stars, Harrison told finale, which was pre-taped. (.) Was it a surprise when Raven's parents came out on stage tonight? Check out how princesses Elsa, Ariel and Rapunzel have changed!Well, not their personalities, but just their outfit.Harrison, along with Gates and Gottschalk, Amanda Stanton (who revealed her split with Robby Hayes) and their co-star Jasmine Goode (who walked away single, but did fall for one of the contestants), all speak to is special because you have the opportunity to meet many people and you are not just putting your focus on one person. You really have to take each relationship differently, and look, relationships are hard. You have the opportunity to connect with one person and if you don't, then on to the next. just has that opportunity, it's just all about having more opportunities. It's what makes the show so relatable and why it's probably so wildly popular.

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