Updating entourage

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Newer shipping DVDs install 12.1.0 (SP1) or 12.2.0 (SP2) After installing verify version installed.

Manually download or select “Check for updates” under Help in the Menubar in any Office application to update fully.

Both Office 2004 and Office 2008 are End of Life applications. Office 2004 will run under Snow Leopard and older OS X versions only.

This means they are not longer supported and will receive no updates or fixes. We see many users that upgrade to Mavericks and find out that their Entourage data does not import or they need to re-install to get Entourage working properly.

If you are using Exchange 2007 and higher, update to EWS, Entourage Web Services Addition. id=21695 If you need assistance updating and moving your data, contact me for personal help.

Note: if you choose this option you should probably manually check the integrity of your database every so often.

Users that are still using Office 2004, will have to upgrade to a newer version of Office or move to Apple’s applications.

If you are getting a new computer, do not get rid of the old commuter before you safely have your data imported to the new drive. While Time Machine is great for restoring, a clone is your best option in case you need to work on your old data to recover your data. Email Chemy can convert the files to for easy import into Entourage or Outlook.

If you quit Entourage and open it again it should be running faster.

Hold down the Option key when starting Entourage, this will start the Database Utility, Select Verify Database Integrity and click Continue.

If errors are found you might be prompted to rebuild your database which might take a while Here's some more things to try When entourage starts it freezes for 3-6 secs (semi-normal as it needs to check ALL folders for updates).

If you plan on moving to Apple Mail, I suggest you do the import prior to upgrading.

Apple Mail in Mavericks will no longer import from Entourage.

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